Scoill yn Jubilee

Learning for Life - "Our vision is of a caring, happy school community where we build confidence, inspire a love of learning and have high aspirations for all".


Executive Headteacher: Mr Shorthouse
Heads of School: Mrs Quilliam & Mrs Hicks

Class Teachers:
Mrs Spencer & Miss Garrett
Mrs Jones & Mrs Leonetti
Mrs Storey, Mrs Moffat & Mrs Currie
Mrs Peach & Mr McLellan
Mrs Nelson & Mrs Miller
Ms Westcott, Miss Leeming & Mrs Smith
Mrs Worsfold & Mr Bennett

PPA / Additional Needs Coordinator: Miss Jones

Educational Support Officers:
Mrs Matthews
Mrs Wright
Miss Cowin
Mrs Wilson
Miss Wade
Mrs Devereau
Mrs Murphy
Mrs Dodd
Mrs Kewley
Mrs Costain

School Administrators:
Mrs Kneen, Mrs Stannard-Duke & Mrs Smith

Lunchtime - Catering Operatives:
Mrs Kelly
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Cheshire
Miss Magill

Lunchtime Assistants:
Mrs Turner
Mrs Bell
Mrs Ferreira
Mrs Yewdall
Mrs Luft
Mrs Kensall
Mrs Aziz

Caretakers / Site Managers:
Mrs Boulter & Mr Kinley

Mrs Devlin and Mrs Boules