Scoill yn Jubilee

Learning for Life - "Our vision is of a caring, happy school community where we build confidence, inspire a love of learning and have high aspirations for all".


Executive Headteacher: Mr Shorthouse
Heads of School: Mrs Quilliam & Mrs Hicks

Class Teachers:
Mrs Spencer & Miss Garrett
Mrs Jones & Mrs Leonetti
Mrs Storey, Mrs Moffat & Mrs Currie
Mrs Peach & Mr McLellan
Mrs Nelson & Mrs Miller
Ms Westcott, Miss Leeming & Mrs Smith
Mrs Worsfold & Mr Bennett

PPA / Additional Needs Coordinator: Miss Jones

Educational Support Officers:
Mrs Matthews
Mrs Roosenbroek
Mrs Yewdall
Mrs Horton
Mrs Long
Miss Wade
Miss Cowin
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Wright
Mrs Corey
Mrs Devereau
Mrs Murphy
Mrs Dodd
Mrs Kewley
Mrs Costain

School Administrators:
Mrs Kneen, Mrs Stannard-Duke & Mrs Smith

Lunchtime - Catering Operatives:
Mrs Kelly
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Cheshire
Miss Magill

Lunchtime Assistants:
Mrs Turner
Mrs Bell
Mrs Ferreira
Mrs Luft
Mrs Kensall
Mrs Aziz
Mr Breslin
Mrs Corkish-Roux

Caretakers / Site Managers:
Mrs Boulter & Mr Kinley

Mrs Devlin, Mrs Boules and Mrs Bell